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ZA de la Basse Haye
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Company Profile:
Located at Châteaubourg (Brittany, France), ALI'Serv offers a wide variety of feed complements and innovative dry litters for animals such as pigs, poultry, cattle, ovines, horses, dogs and cats. All of our products are made of plants extracts and are 100% natural. We meet your expectations in dietetic biotechnology in order to optimise the well-being of animals.
We also offer a full range of packaging which can be customised and labelled with your company name.

Feed complements and dry litter.

What we offer:
1. Know how : a unique process of maceration and extraction of plants in order to enhance animal health. Our products are 100% natural.

2. We offer feed complements, hygiene and care products for all animal species. We also offer a range of innovative dry litters. Our topics in animal health are : antibacterial, anti-parasitic (coccidia and cryptosporidium), antioxidant, appetite, growth, stress, anti-inflammatory, breathing, fertility…

3. Our products are an alternative of antibiotics. The excessive use of chemicals in the industry leads to antibiotic resistance, higher costs, limited use... A change in sanitary regulations is appearing in many countries. With approved results of trials, our products fit those new regulations.

4. Our products are easy to use and a small quantity is sufficient for quick results on the enhancement of animal health. We are very adaptable : either we can make finished products for your brand, or we can provide you the concentrated liquid (plants tinctures) in order to manufacture your own product at your factory. We offer a broad range of carriers (powder, liquid, gel, paste).

What we are looking for:
1. We are looking for a patnership with your company. Our products are manufactured in order to be mixed into the feed.

2. Our products will be used in order to enhance animal health and to avoid many diseases.

3. We are looking for a partnership in business to business with industries.

4. Industry sector : feed and animal health, veterinary.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Christophe MAUGER

Export Sales Manager

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