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Company Profile:
Olmix Group, located in Bréhan in the heart of Brittany, was started with the desire to find natural alternatives to additives used in agriculture, and has become one of the main global specialists of green tech.

Olmix is present in 65 countries throughout the world and has 250 employees, and annual turnover is 54 million Euros, of which 80% is export sales. Listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Olmix has 7 production sites in Europe and its natural innovations, created on basis of trace-elements, clays and green algae, are not only used in the agricultural sector but also in industry.

Olmix is organized into 2 distinct core businesses:
1. The Eco-Concept Activity - Olmix: additives based on natural products (clays, algae, essential oils..) integrating the Amadéite® properties (clay bio particles invented and patented by Olmix in September 2004).
2. The Inorganic Salts - Melspring: additives based on trace-elements for animal feed and cement, fertilization, water treatment industries.

Green tech specialist

What we offer:
Olmix is specialized in the preparation of additives, which was derived from its original core business, animal feed through trace-elements (iron sulphate and copper sulphate).

The firm chose to develop its strategy towards the preparation of natural additives, and in particular developed its products based on clay that it combined with green algae.

From those raw materials (trace-elements, clays, algae), the Olmix R&D department developed a wide range of natural products which can substitute synthetic additives.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for :

- Foreign business partners (countries, markets in which we could develop our range)

- Distributors/customers interested in our values and know-how

- Specialists in algae treatment and its valorization

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller



business development assitant
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