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Reckstrasse 1-5
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Company Profile:
The Reck compagny was founded in 1957 by Anton Reck. In close contact with farmers and our engineers it has been developed and further to todays well-know Reck slurry mixers and grass silage spreader. All Reck products are developed and manufactured in Germany.
Reck is market leader in innovation and is selling in almost 35 countries all around the world.

Manufacturing of slurry mixers and grass silage spreaders

What we offer:
RECK offers the widest range for covered and open slurry pits, lagoons, open tanks and towers, closed ring and Slalom systems, slatted floors. For grass silage bunker silos or free heaps.

Our Products: PTO Mixer, Electric, Hydraulic, Mixing rod through the wall, Tower or Swivelling Mixer, Slatted Floor Mixer, Grass Silage Spreader (PTO, hydraulic)

Advantage of homogeneous slurry:
-Regular composition of the mineral fertilizer
-Regular spreading from the 1st to the last load
-Reduction of the costs for the mineral fertilizer
-Pumping without problems
-Total emptying of pits

Advantage of spreaders:
-Maximum power in banker silo and free heap
-Quick and well-aimed spreading
-Best possible and intensive compression
-Higher milk and meat profits
-Healthy animals and lower veterinarian fees

What we are looking for:
We are looking for agricultural machinery dealers from different countries. Cooperation as seller or buyer.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer


Ms Marlène DICHAMP

Sales manager France
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