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31 rue Eugène Frère
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Company Profile:
Guerlertub company is the oldest manufecter of tubular equipment for dairy and beef cattle. We offer a large gamme of products for feeding (headlocks), for barriers, for free stalls, feeding at pasture and handling equipment (cattle crushes). Our company brings new concepts and innovate in this field.
The company is situated at the Nord-Est of France, not far from Belguim, Luxembourg and Germany. 40 % of turnover goes to export . Mains destinations: Germany, Belguim, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Russia. We want to expand our export zone to new countries like Great Britain, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

GUERLETUB - French manufacterer of livestock housing equipment for dairy and beef cattles

What we offer:
Since 1950 our company offers innovative solutions for farming equipment for cows. We aim at improving cow comfort and housing conditions as a means of maximising production. We offer the feeding systems for cows: headlocks with absolute and partial security, self-feeders, barriers, cubicles, boxes, feeders for the pasture and handling equipment (cattle crushes with hoof cuttng system, and hangling chutes). Guerletub equipment assures maximum of security of animals, maximum of comfort for animal and farmer and maximum of solidity and longevity. We can find a solution for every client and offer the best products in according to your bugdet and your tastes. Our strenth is listening at maximum to clients and answering to his waiting!

What we are looking for:
We are looking to expand our export to new countries in Europe and over the world. We are open to all opportunities of cooperation with different types of parthers: distributors of agricultural equipment, agricultural holdings, agricultural cooperatives or others and farmers.
At the same time we are interested in searching of subcontracting for our products in Eastern European countries (Romania, Poland, Slovakia, etc) and tube suppliers as our products are based on tubes

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer



Export manager

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