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A.N.T. / Vetalis Technologies

N°10 Z.I. de la Couture
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Company Profile:
Since 1974, VETALIS designs, manufactures and markets a full line of nutritional supplements and complementary foods, pharmaceutical galenic and animal nutrition combination today known as nutraceutical product.

VETALIS offers products in response to the needs of veterinarians: supplement to prescribed therapeutics or used for preventive purpose.

With more than 70 products, including a wide range of bolus, VETALIS becomes more and more popular on French market, especially with “Innov’Space prize” for the launch of ElectroPidolate bolus in prevention of milk fever in 2011.

VETALIS is present in several European countries including Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy and Ireland through distributors. A prospecting phase is launched to conquer new markets.

Specialist in Animal Heatlh Nutraceutics. Winner of “Innov’Space 2011” prize

What we offer:
We offer innovative products mainly for livestock animals (dairy and beef cattle, calves, lambs, piglets, kids). Our products are in bolus, paste or powder/dry form and we have 5 product ranges: trace elements and vitamins, colostro supplements, digestive track disorders specialities, energy at birth and prevention of milk fever.

Our technological know-how (2 patents filed at the end of 2010) enables us to design and produce a wide range of Electrolytic Bolus™ with a controlled and continuous release.
With a single administration, the appropriate content of trace elements and vitamins is released in the rumen over time (from 30 hours to 250 days).

Our goal are to strengthen the animal's physiological functions and its resistance to external aggression by targeted and specific feed with natural substances at key periods of its production cycle (reproduction, growth, lactation, dry off, calving...) or its life cycle.

For more information, visit our website!

What we are looking for:
VETALIS is looking for companies interested by the distribution of its innovative products and technological know-how on different international markets.

We are looking for new distributors in Europe (Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia and Austria) and over the world (Mexique, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and USA, China, India, Australia and New-Zealand).

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller



Export Manager Junior
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