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Centre d'Affaires Odyssée - ZAC Cicé Blossac
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Company Profile:
Sanders is a French company, located in Britanny with 100 years of experience.

Producing more than 3 millions tons of complete feed, Sanders is leader in animal feed in France.

The company also develop nutritionnal supplements, additives and nutritionnal solutions for farmers and feed industry with two principals objectives : technical and economical improvement.
Sanders is present in various countries producing animal feed or working with local distributors.

We are looking for distributors

Sanders Animal feed producer / Premixes / Nutritionnal Supplements / Additives

What we offer:
- Assesment in feed industry : optimization, quality, project of new feed factory
- Premixes in all species
- Formulation services and technical assesment
- Additives for pigs, cattle, poulty, rabbit, broiler
- Nutritionnal supplement : fertility, vitamins complex, minerals, dryer for Litter, hepato-protectors.....
- Complete feed for piglets

What we are looking for:
Distributors for additives, premixes, complete feed and nutritionnal supplement for farms.
Distributor is in charge of distribution in his country of Sanders solution such as premixes, additives....
He is supported by Sanders in his task by technical services and marketing services for developping sells.

Local agent for services:
- Assesment in feed industry, formulation and technical assesment.
The local agent is the contact of Sanders in the country for promoting Sanders technology and get in touch with local producer that would be interested y Sanders technology for producing feed : industry (feedmill), formulation, technical assesment, research.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Vincent MOAL

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