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RHI AG is a world market and technology leader in high-grade ceramic refractory materials. RHI AG employs roughly 8.000 people, operates 31 sites and is represented by more than 70 sales offices on four continents. The headquarter is located in Vienna, Austria. Austria is the center of magnesite mining. RHI AG has been a partner of the animal feed industry supplying caustic MgO for more than 25 years. Caustic magnesia for animal feed is produced at the plant in Radenthein, Austria, with the raw material being extracted from the group's mine and processed on site. RHI supplies up to 25 metric tons yearly of caustic magnesia for animal feed in all Europe. There are different products according to customer need. All products can be supplied as bulk goods in silo truck, 1-ton Big Bags and in 25 Kg paper bags. Our production is certified QS, a quality certification approved by GMP+ system. Our customers all around Europe use our products in the production of animal feed and premixes.

Caustic magnesia for animal feed

What we offer:
RHI AG is producer and supplier of caustic magnesia MgO for animal feed. Magnesium is and essential and vital mineral that must be added continuously to the diet. It is responsible for a flawless metabolism and helps to prevent muscle cramps, lack of appettite and bone demineralization. Our magnesium oxide (MgO) has a high content of elementary magnesium (at least 50%). It is an essential component for all feed rations like milk replacers, mineral premixes and whole feeds. All products can be supplied in bulk silo trucks, in 1 ton big bag or in 25 kg paper bags. Production plant is in Radenthein, Austria. RHI's global logistic network enables flexible and rapid deliveries of this indispensable component of animal feed. Our products has the German certification QS.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for new customers on French market. Our customers are animal feed producers.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller



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