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Unicorn Grain Specialties

Straevenweg 12
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Company Profile:
Unicorn Grain Specialties has been founded in 1906 and is an independent company. The company has a very wide range of products based on various cereals like wheat, barley, maize and rice. Unicorn supplies products to food, feed and industrial applications.

Presco® products are expanded grains, which are puffed using "pressure cooking". This unique process expands the grain kernels. Different expansions produce different textures for different applications and results in complete gelatinization of the starch. This makes Presco® a digestible and tasteful ingredient, suited for applications in Pigletfeed, Horsefeed, Petfood, Ruminant All Mash and others. It is suitable for the transition from liquid feeding to solid feeding. Unicorn also makes special ingredients from dried, heat-treated flour. Drying the flour causes enzyme inactivation and sanitation. The moisture of the flour can be regulated to the desired content. The extruded flour can swell up in cold water and will become water-soluble in cold water. Extruded flours can be found in calf milk replacers; it is a cost-effective replacer of whey powder.

Presco® and Pregel® products

What we offer:
Unicorn Grain Specialties offers:

Presco Products:
Puffed cereals for piglet feeding, horse feeding, All Mash and Petfood.
Presco Baby Corn
Presco Baby Barley
Presco Baby Wheat

Pregel Products:
Pregel Wheat
Pregel Wheat High Protein
Pregel Corn

The products are cost effective and have a high quality. All delivered in bulk, big bags or paper bags.

What we are looking for:
Customers, feed compounder companies open for buying our products.


Ms Hanny Jongstra

Sales Manager
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