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Le Triangle

ZIP Code
Saint Hilaire la Gravelle

Company Profile:
Since 1992, Le Triangle, is specialised in metal buildings for industrial use. The company is based at 150 km south of Paris, with two production sites of 70 000m² from wich 18,000m² are covered.

By its desire to innovate to meet its customers' expectations, and the 170 people who work there Le Triangle is now well positioned in different activities areas in France and worldwide.

This innovation policy has brought about building for livestock with "tunnel" roofing called the "Half-Moon concept", or conventional roofing called the "double-pitched concept", both of which meet specific building standards.

French manufacturer of innovative metal buildings for livestock

What we offer:
Le Triangle designs a comprehensive building range : for livestock, warehouses, hangars, plats protection and industrial buildings. The rigour of its manufacturing processes and turn-key service enables the company to gives its customers the very best value for money on the global market.

Le Triangle has developed different buildings for livestock with specific roofing :

-Double Pitched concept:
Many advantages including controlled climate and very good dynamic or static ventilation systems.

-Half-Moon concept:
Made of galvanized steel profiles selected for the best weight/resistance ratio. Sidings and roofs made mainly of insulating sandwich panels, insuring very good thermal insulation.
Long spans (up to 50m) and high units available

What we are looking for:
We are looking to expand our export to new countries in Europe and over the world. Thus, we seek companies interested in our products and services on different international markets.

We are also interested in meeting potential new suppliers for our building range.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller
  • Commercial cooperation, as buyer



Export Manager
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