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EW Nutrtition

Trichterbecherweg 3
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Company Profile:
EW Nutrition, based in Visbek, Germany, was founded in 2002 and is part of the EW Group.

The EW Group is active in genetics, food, vaccines and the animal feed industry. With over 6,000 employees, the EW Group generates 1.2 billion turnover and is active in 110 countries.

EW Nutrition produces feed additives, specialist dietetic feed supplements and technical products for the feed & veterinary industry.

Innovation backed by science : feed additives, specialist dietetic feeds, sprays & technical products

What we offer:
Globigen - world market leader in the production of egg immunoglobulins - can be used in feed for health maintenance, as colostrum replacement or in dietetic feed supplements to avoid diarrhea, caries and peredontitis in pets. We offer a full range of branded or private label products.

Activo - second generation, mirco-encapsulated feed additive with the highest content of active ingredients (flavours and essential oils).

Mastersorb - innovative toxin binder that offers a mode of action beyond the binding of toxins in feed.

Agrochemica - branded dietetic feed supplements produced from scratch in a new "state of the art" facility. Available in private label and in tailor made solutions for national or multinational companies.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for end users, vendors or distributors in Brittany that will handle all or part of our product portfolio in branded or private label.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Fergus J. NEHER

Sales Director South West Europe
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