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Allied Hygiene Europe

5 Centurion Way
ZIP Code
DA18 4AF
United Kingdom

Company Profile:
Allied Hygiene is a UK based manufacturer with more than 20 years experience in manufacturing wet and dry wipes.We supply our products via a distribution network into the food processing, dairy, industrial, medical/healthcare, automotive, retail and workplace/leisure markets. We are seeking distributors into the dairy market for our range of impregnated teat wipes and Quarterfold dry wipes for cow udders. Potential partners may already have wipes in their range or supply disinfectants/cleaning products or equipment into the farm sector.

Wet and dry wipes for cow teats

What we offer:
Disinfectant wet wipes for cow teats and dry wipes for cow teats.
Produced by Allied Hygiene a specialist UK based wipes manufacturer.
Standard bucket and refill formats available for wet wipes and dry quarter fold cloth for dry wipes.
Innovative new wet wipes dispensing system called Quick Release Dispenser (QRD). Offers improved hygiene and considerably reduces cost of waste disposal for empty packaging.
For distributors offers cost savings for warehousing, storage and distribution.
Reduced materials compared to bucket format therefore offering environmental benefits.

What we are looking for:
Allied Hygiene is seeking distributors for our wet and dry wipes in the dairy sector.
Wipes are used for cow teats to clean prior to milking and help prevent mastitis.
We are seeking distribution partners involved in the dairy market supplying cleaning or disinfectant products or equipment to farms.
Suppliers of milking equipment are also potential partners as the wipes are a complementary product.
Private label is possible.

Collaboration sought:
  • Commercial cooperation, as seller


Mr Andy Phippen

Managing Director
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